Digital Campaign Manager

for nonprofits, the JustDiidz platform has unique features designed to meet their fundraising and brand awareness needs

Deep Metrics

Review campaign and organization performance against various analytics with comparison options to help you stay in control

Supporter Directory

Keep track of your supporters and patrons, find out how to convert more and more supporters to patrons and view how your campaigns fared in acquiring you more supporters

Platform Presence

Manage social presence on the Justdiidz platform by collaborating with audience via feeds and comments

Easy Taxes

Justdiidz takes care of supplying your patrons with tax receipts, just as it takes care of consolidating your donation reports quarterly and annually

Better ROI Ratios

JustDiidz is designed to help you make the most of your time and efforts


Targeted Campaigns

Increase your conversions by targeting your campaigns for the audience that you really need

Multiple Organizations, Single Login

Managing multiple organizations and their campaigns is a breeze with JustDiidz as you can use the same login for everything

Manage on-the-go

JustDiidz Digital Campaign Manager is full-responsive and let's you keep up with your projects, on-the-go!