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JustDiidz is creating a future where access to opportunities and economic mobility is no longer determined by race, ethnicity, religion, class or geography, but rather by an individual’s skill set and positive contribution to civil society

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As a JustDiidz network partner, nonprofits will have exclusive access to both our highly trained graduates and our advanced fundraising platform to boost organization productivity.

  • Engage and recruit highly trained digital workforce
  • Promote your brand/cause
  • Deep metrics and insights
  • Create and track Campaign performance
  • Create and track platform feeds
  • View your patrons and supporters
  • Manage your profile and taxes


As a JustDiidz network partner, businesses will have exclusive access to our highly trained graduates and leverage our mobile platform to promote their brand and connect with both future employees and customers

  • Engage and recruit highly trained digital workforce
  • Automatically onboard employees
  • Leverage our social network connect potential customers
  • Detailed analytics
  • Support local causes

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